2018 LRCSD Events Calendar

January 16:      Members Meeting Call for Nominations/Membership Renewals

January 21:      Fiesta Island Pancake Breakfast and Gear Swap

Hosted by the Board of Directors.


February 14:    Valentines Day

February 17-19: Presidents Day Weekend

February 20:    Members Meeting

Nominations Presented/Final Membership Renewals for Election Voting


February 24/25:  Anza Borrego Weekend Trail Leader Position   Rick

                            Alternative Option: Death Valley Trip Hosted by SCLR/Richard Spencer


March 20:        Members Meeting/Annual Business Meeting (Elections)

March 24/25:  Calico Weekend - Trail Leader - Larry Samons


April 1:             Easter Sunday

April 14:         Open House with Paha Que Tents  www.pahaque.com @ 10AM

April 17:           Members Meeting

April 21-22:     East County Mountains Day Trip or Weekend   Carrizo Overlook/Jacumba area Trail Leader Joe Aiello


May 13:           Mothers Day

May 15:           Members Meeting

May 19/20:     Beauty Mountain/Indian Springs Campground One Day or Weekend 

Trail Leaders Gabriel Woecker and Lina Kreiser

May 26/28:     Memorial Day Weekend


June 17:           Fathers Day

June 19:           Members Meeting

June 23/24:     Big Bear Weekend (Easy and Moderate Trails)

Trail Leaders Joe Aiello (Moderate to Hard) and Chris Liles/Bob Palmer (Easy to Moderate)


July 4:              Holiday - Wednesday

July 17:            Members Meeting

Official 20th     LRCSD Anniversary

July 21/22:      20th Anniversary Party Location TBD/Host Dennis Yard


August 21:       Members Meeting

August 25/26: SBNF/Coon Creek Group Camp/Pioneer town Weekend 

Trail Leaders Lina Kreiser and Gabriel Woecker


September 1:  Western National Land Rover Rally/Lake Tahoe (NCLR)

September 3:  Labor Day

September 18: Members Meeting

September 22/23: Rover Rendezvous 2018 Weekend at Big Bear Lake (Formal Club Event)

Trail Leader(s) Open Position


October 16:     Members Meeting

October 20/21:  Corral Canyon Day Trip (Easy and Hard) Trail Leader Positions Open


November 12: Veterans Day Holiday

November 20: Members Meeting

November 22:  Thanksgiving Holiday Thursday

November 24/25: To Be Determined


December 25: No Members Meeting

December 25: Christmas Holiday (Tuesday)

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